Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wet and wild

Though our day finished in a wet and wild fashion, The Viking and I did manage to have our playtime in the sandbox during the cooler hours of the morning.

Playtime included a longish session of furniture rearranging.  Especially difficult if you insist on pushing chairs and tables across a knobby rug.  :-)

Then there was the conundrum presented by the table that kept folding unexpectedly.

He tried to move the big chairs too but I kept my feet comfortably planted where I wanted them.  :-)  So he took time out for a close examination of the ceiling fan and skylights.

Of course belly buttons are meant to be filled with sand.

And so is our hair.

We also had great fun with canteloupe at lunch before he went down for his nap.

Then it was my turn to play in my Sandbox!  What did I do?  I read a library book.  Yes I did.  A girl has gotta have a bit of time off.  :-)  ED arrived to pick up The Viking during an amazing downpour, so it seemed prudent to invite them to stay for dinner until the worst of the storms were past.  The rain came down hard and fast enough to overflow the pond!  As they drove away, The Tramp and I walked down to the edge of the pond to inspect the messy aftermath.  The roar of the water draining down the standpipe is quite loud, and frankly, a bit scary.  You can see the water and debris circling around it.

This evening while we watched a few episodes of QI, I got down to business and finished prepping a stack of about 60 t-shirts so I can deliver them back to Patchwork Memories tomorrow.  Then I have a 25 t-shirt quilt to prep and sew.  No rest for the weary!  :-)

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