Sunday, June 22, 2014


Yesterday and today were odd days.  We made an appointment with ourselves to sort out all our "important" papers, a task that puts us both out of sorts.  We had documents stashed in various semi-secure places so brought everything together into the Sandbox for processing.  Like most people I think, we tend to keep far more than is needed.  Everything seems precious at first glance.  After much purging yesterday, we took another look this morning and decided to downgrade the importance of a few more documents.  We have a safe deposit box at the bank and had been planning on upgrading to a larger one, but at the rate we were going we would have needed a small vault of our own!  Absurd.  ;-)

All the useless paper will be recycled one way or another.  This left the Tramp with an absurdly large pile of papers to shred and feed to the compost bin.  Until it was thoroughly lubricated, the shredder squeaked and squealed in protest, much to Ngaire's fascination.  Maisy on the other hand, is watching with some trepidation from the safety of her corner.  Ivy hates loud noises so was hiding out in another room I'm sure wondering about the absurd people she's forced to live with.

Once the Sandbox was finally cleared of the detritus I sat down at the sewing machine.  Two more Dear Jane blocks done.  (Yay!)

One absurdly fiddly.....

And one absurdly simple.  :-)

While watching Tim Minchin (very absurd to some I'm sure) in concert at the Royal Albert Hall we enjoyed a bit of ice cream to round out the day.  I thought mine was a rather "normal" combination of vanilla ice cream, fruit cocktail and chocolate Magic Shell topping.  When asked what he wanted, the Tramp had me whip up a combination of coffee ice cream, fruit cocktail and pink lemonade flavored Magic Shell.  (Shudder!)

Which is what set me off in the direction of the absurd.  To each, his or her own absurdity!  :-)

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