Tuesday, November 12, 2013



(We'll get to the arrgghh later.)  Since I last posted Halloween has happened.

We had hoped to see Poyla, MD and Stardust Halloween weekend, but illness prevented it.  I'm told Stardust is still recovering and they are glad they postponed.

T-shirt quilts have rolled out the door.

And I even grabbed a few minutes to make some sewing machine covers.  Finally.  I've been saying I should make them all covers for years.  Prequilted fabric, purchased bias tape.  Now really, how hard could it be?  ;-)

The view out of every window (ignoring reflections) is amazingly colorful.

And this weekend we were treated with a visit from The Sailor Son and his boys!  They missed Halloween too, due to illness and bad weather so we tried to give them some extra Halloween related fun.  Stickers from Aunt ED.

The gluten-free lasagna came out ok.

And the caramel apple trifle even ok-er.  :-)

Cousins had a great time together.

The Viking's new hobby is opening and closing the drawers on the various sewing machine cabinets.

 Ninja Turtles were carefully carried around all weekend.

In lieu of trick or treating, The Sailor Son surprised the boys with Ninja Turtle pinatas and oh what fun they had swinging that stick around!  It takes a whole lot of swings when you're four years old.

When you are six you can beat your turtle to death pretty quickly.  They weren't sure they liked "killing" Leonardo and Michaelangelo so I taped them back together with neon orange duct tape and everyone went home happy, with lots of little boy jokes about my taping up the turtle's butts.  :-)

I think Maisy sees candy on the table.


Ivy with her "what did I do?" look.  :-)

There were treats for everyone.

Sunday was the train show at the fairgrounds.  So many layouts to see.

So many buttons to push.

"Daddy, Daddy!  I want to see!!"  Five was heard to say, "This is fabulous!"

Then we went to Pullen Park to work off some energy in the playground and ride the train and the carousel, both firsts for The Viking.

After a day of recovery, today I tried to get some things done.  Heh.  Tried is the operative word.  The arrggghhhh happened this afternoon.  We have this big ass Zojirushi bread machine.  Fabulous appliance.  Unfortunately I only have a few gluten-free bread recipes suited for this size machine.

So.  This meant trying to work out how much larger I needed convert the measurements in this book to make it work.  Hmmmm.  Cups and mLs.  Ok.  I tried to up the recipe by 1/2 and it made for some crazy measurements.  The Tramp was willing to help me but apparently I wasn't asking the right questions.  :-P  It ended up that I brought a variety of measuring cups and spoons, both imperial and metric, up to The Sandbox so he could help me get my head around it.

So this is what we ended up with.  Not only is it complicated by all the many flours and seeds but I got all wound up in both types of measuring cups and spoons.  Arrrrgghhhhhhh!  After I started measuring ingredients I flipped to the front of the book and realized, HEY!, the book is Canadian!  Well dang.  No wonder my breads from this book have always seemed a bit off.  I've been using the wrong measuring cups for.......two years?  Sigh.  Lesson learned.  (Yes, that's a coffee grinder for "cracking" the flax seeds.)

This gluten-free business is ingredient-heavy.  Almost the whole refrigerator in the garage is taken up by all the flours, meals and seeds.  Crazy.

But in the end.....at least it looks like a loaf of bread.  :-)


Amanda said...

It looks like your tweaking worked. I'm impressed that you make your own GF bread in your bread maker. I've tried once or twice but with no success. As you say, you need such a range of flours; I don't know what it's like over there but in the UK you can only get them online and they cost a fortune. Still, I'll keep trying to find a recipe that works.

Bonnie said...

Lots happening in this post. I love the idea of the piñata a and taping them back together...

My bread machine attempts are very questionable and I'm just using the regular flour. I can't imagine having any success with gluten free.

Looks like you're staying busy since you haven't posted for a while. I'm lucky to get one a week. Maybe two.