Saturday, October 26, 2013

Living Room

Yep.  This evening it's all about the living room.....or lounge.....depending upon your local vocabulary.  ;-)  We don't sit in here in the evenings very much.  Sad really.  It's quite comfortable!

This morning we woke up to the first frosty day of the season.  From the living room window I enjoyed watching the mist rising picturesquely from the pond.

I really have neglected this room.  Last night I covered a couple of the sofa pillows.  I love the fun fabric but it certainly doesn't do anything for the soft seafoam color of the sofa.  (much prettier than it looks in these photos!)

I have four more pillows to cover and am thinking I might go with the wildest Kaffe fabrics I can find.  I figure if I do each side a different fabric it will be like eight new pillows!  :-)

The reason we are "stuck" in the living room this evening is because the upstairs carpets are drying.  The cleaning session was overdue.  The first machine we rented was a dud.  The on/off switch didn't work and it wouldn't stop dribbling lots of extra water.  What a mess!

Machine number two works as it's supposed to.  It will never look new again but I was so excited I even took a few pictures of wet carpet!  (Can you tell the cleaning was very overdue?)

Makes my heart go pitty pat.  :-D

Wow.  The room looks so much larger with all the "junk" moved off the floor.

So here we are playing happy family in the living room.  Dogs all around.  Mostly they are exhausted from having to supervise our cleaning from behind the gates.  Poor babies.

We have our laptops and hand sewing and Maisy is comfortable on The Tramp's lap.

This is the view from my chair.

Last week we moved this fun map of the world, New Zealand top and center, in here where we can enjoy it better.

 There are a few Halloween decorations here and there.  :-)

Snoopy is over by my cabinets of trolls and Peanuts stuff.

The Tramp has downloaded some "An Audience With" shows and tonight we've enjoyed Billy Connolly (giggle),

Michael Buble (swoon),

and right now Dudley Moore ( goodness!).

Soon we'll go upstairs and see if the ceiling fans have dried the carpet enough so we can go to bed.  Time enough in the morning to do the living room carpet before the machine has to be back at the store.

Sewing has been happening, ribbons have been won at the state fair, computers have been updated to OS X Mavericks (it's freeeeee!), and fun has been had with family.  Photos next time.  :-)


SoozieSuzy said...

Sounds like a busy day. You will be pleased with the result I am sure. I have only ever got "a man in" to carpet clean. Ours need doing badly, have done since we moved in but it is one of those jobs I just never think about getting booked. Perhaps this week.

Lynn said...

So I went to the fair and was very thrilled to see your beautiful quilt, up close and in person. Your quilting on it is awesome, that great big ribbon is well deserved. I saw you all Friday walking on Walnut street. I hope not any car trouble.
I had someone here spill some coffee and need to get it out of the rug, I may have a rug cleaner in my future.