Sunday, July 22, 2012

A truffle kind of weekend....

This has been an interesting weekend.  We sold one of our cars yesterday morning to a pleasant gentleman who wasn't really the buyer.  (long story)  The short version of the story is that the car will be shipped overseas.  Good luck to them.  The rest of the story is that we spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon climbing in and out of used minivans of various makes with differing levels of uncomfortable seating.  Sigh.  The heat and humidity made the whole process somewhat more unpleasant than usual.  Especially when the cars had been sitting for a while getting say nothing of the dirty ones.  Ewwwwww.  Mom and Dad were real troopers to come along with us and test out the back seats.  :-)  We've got a lead on a wagon/crossover type vehicle we can go and see tomorrow.  It sounds like a good possibility, but you never know!

Today was much less stressful.  A workout at the gym and pool, a load delivered to the thrift shop (always a plus!) and I finished blocks two and three of the little sew along quilt.  So cute.

This block is my second try.  I'm still feeling my way with these Civil War/Thimbleberries/repro type fabrics.  

I really shouldn't show this one.  This is the first try for the one above.  Have you ever seen anything so ugly!  *shudder*  :-)

I'm looking forward to block #4 on Friday.

This is the purse I made a week or so ago.  The fabric had been purchased and waiting for over a year.  And now the bag is done I really don't like that pink.  So poor me will just have to go shopping for some new fabric. Oh dear!  How can I bear it???  lol

This badly taken photo shows the little star blocks peeking on the left and my bag of extra dark Lindor Truffles hiding behind the bag on the right.  Of course you know after piecing those tiny blocks chocolate was necessary.  Heh.

Enough fun for now.  I'd better get back to t-shirt quilts!


Patchwork Penguin said...

I love the blocks.... might have to look into that.

The purse is wonderful. Nice and full, holds lots of stuff.

Thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

If you don't like the plain pink, how about painting/embroidering/glueing something on the plain squares in blue? Call it REV A!