Monday, November 2, 2009

Tales From Under the Sewing Table

Hi there! My name is Maisy.

I've been living in The Sandbox since April and I'm a big girl now. I weigh 30 lbs even though I was supposed to be a lap dog. The Tramp mentions it often. :-p

In fact, Miss Katie calls me Piggy. She says I look like a piglet rooting for truffles. I don't think so, do you? My tail isn't nearly curly enough!

And I don't dig holes like Ivy does. I'd much rather sneak through the fences and prune the wisteria and garden plants. Miss Katie says she can't figure out why I don't yank the evil Bermuda grass out of the flower beds while I'm at it. Heh.

I'm in deep doo-doo today....sigh. I always am. Miss Katie is pretty peeved about her fave wool pincushion.

Pins are great to chew on!

Poop. I also don't know why everyone was so upset when I chewed through the wire of one of the sewing machine foot pedals. I mean, aren't there enough other sewing machines around here? I was just keeping quiet and busy. Ok...sigh. I didn't know it was the new sewing machine. Oh.... Well.... I guess I chewed up a couple of lamp cords and speaker wires too.

But I'm cute! Really!

Psst.... Don't tell them about the teeth marks on the vacuum cleaner cords.

Miss Katie says her blogging mojo may have come back......whatever mojo is. Groan! I guess I'll have to learn to pose as nicely as Ivy and Ngaire so there aren't any more Piggy pictures! Miss Katie also says if I don't destroy any more of her sewing equipment there may be some quilt pictures coming soon too. :-p

Have a happy, muddy day!

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Bonnie said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging. I find I, too, am not blogging as much as when I started out. However, a 4 month leave of absences. Wagging my finger at Miss Katie. And, baby dog, you becareful or your tummy might get messed up.

Wagg, wagg from Raggs: wow, that pin cushion looks yummy. My mom has one too... now, how can I get to it. (It helps to be a bit taller than I am...) But, binding is really good too and you can carry it all around the house.... and thread clipping ... and fabric scraps and....

Raggs -- step away from the computer..

Sorry for the interuption there. Welcome back Katie.