Saturday, November 22, 2008


Did you think I was lost? I probably am. Surrounded by fabric! LOL I'm madly sewing for Christmas so there isn't much I can show you. Let's see....

Treasure boxes maybe?

Egads. Did I actually piece something in these fabrics???

These are pretty. Can't tell you what they are for though.

Strawberries? And ladybugs?? In November???

Hmmmmm..... These are bright.

Ooooo. That print-out says Amy Butler.

I have finished a queen sized quilt and a wall hanging, a jacket, several items for swaps and other small things I can't tell about. I've also fulfilled some guild obligations. Like the November Block Party block they called Black Bean Dip with Blue Tortilla Chips. :-)

I also have a stack of Holiday Blocks to put together. I'm about half way through them. In October we buy block kits for $2 and bring them back with our names on them in December in hopes of winning the blocks for the whole quilt.

I also plowed through cutting up another pile of thrifted shirts and skirts. At least a movie's worth of cutting. :-)

Which resulted in this pile of plackets, collars and cuffs. Yikes!

I resorted my shelves of fabrics too, to make room for all the thrifted stuff. And of course while this is all going on I get interrupted regularly by furry creatures. Can't you hear them saying, "I've been so good all this time! Now pay attention to meeeeee!"

It's been cold here! It's only 22F this morning. Yikes! This is not why we moved south! Yesterday morning I was amazed to wake up to... Snow!

It only snowed for about an hour and disappeared when the sun came out but I enjoyed watching it while it lasted. There's Ivy trying to get a drink out of the frozen bird bath. :-)

In the mail yesterday I received my Polka Dot & Rick Rack swap surprise. Look over on the right side bar of my weblog page and you'll see where Jen got the picture of Lucy from. How clever is that! As well as a couple of neat magazines, dotty socks and a stack of polka dot charms. She says she cut them from 63 fabrics in her stash. Wow! That's some impressive stash! Thanks Jen. I'm thrilled!

Now last night I did sew something I can show you, something for myself. I started with this genuine Hawaiian shirt from the Guardian Angel thrift shop. I was amazed to find it. I doubt you get many showing up in thrift shops in North Carolina! LOL It's wonderful feeling fabric and wonderful colors.

And was just the right amount of fabric for making a bag!

I even managed to get the flap fabric to line up with the design on the body of the bag. And I wasn't even trying! Happy accident. I didn't have extra fabric for fussy cutting.

I couldn't resist sewing the shirt label on one of the inside pockets.

The smaller bag in the background is this one, the first one I made from Janice's pattern.

I made it with the leftover fabrics from something I made for my Polka Dot & Rick Rack swap partner. (The polka dots are in the lining.) I of course forgot to take a photo of what I sent...sigh. But! Rosemary has posted photos on her weblog. :-D

The bags are from this pattern by Janice Pope, our current guild president. She was at the Houston quilt market with her bags.

Oh dear. I think the furry creatures are wanting their breakfast. TTFN!


Tine said...

those bags are so cute! I love the one in the hawaiian print :)

SoozieSuzy said...

Love the strawberry fabric. Xanthe and I bought the very same patterned fabric on Saturday to make her a bag. She had choosen her favourite colour, lime green, for lining. The strawberry makes a wonderful change from her delight for purple and lime together.

You are such a busy bee!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh - so much to look at - I've been busy too. I love all the fabric and the hawaiian shirt bag - fantastic!

meggie said...

What a great post! So full of goodies & eye candy. I went to see your swap package~lovely!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Katie. WOW you have been a busy girl - and resourceful too making that cute bag out of that Hawaiian print shirt. I've been crazy sewing gifts too and have only been posting once a week or so.
Well gotta get back to the "workshop!" Enjoy the countdown til Christmnas!!

mama said...

Very funny!!
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peggy said...

Found your blog thru Sharon....
I noticed you mentioned making some Treasure Boxes....I made 11 over the last month....I could sit and make them all day. Did you ever make any?
Peggy in NJ

Glen and Khristina said...

ohhhh I love that bag Katie. Not that I need another pattern but that is really tempting..hugs Khris