Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First quilt

This is the first quilt I made, way back around 1980. It's queen size. The arrangement of blocks is called "Wild Geese Flying". I was super glad to find a place to hang it right away in our new house. The yellow walls won't be staying but they are clean and neat so they will probably be the last ones I'll paint.

Sadly, I haven't really made anything as large as this quilt since. I have a quilt top I made in a class but mostly I've kept to wall hangings and baby quilts...as well as dolls. If I ever get all this painting done I'm going to finally have time to sew! To say nothing of space to put up a large quilt frame. I can't wait. It's what keeps me going while I'm up on my scaffold.

This was today's project (room number 5). The walls were dark moss green and the ceiling a dark khaki. The previous owner had the room set up as a library/music room and it was perfectly nice. But I'm not able to get myself around the moss green. Not my color. The colors also suck up the light and it's way too dark. We don't really know what to do with the room as far as what to use it for. I don't have a piano for starters. :-) Wow, I just realized what I said. This house is big enough I have space I don't know what to do with! Cool.

So this is before....
And this was this morning. I couldn't resist taking a photo as the room started to brighten up as soon as I started to paint the ceiling. By dinner time the ceiling was done and all the green behind primer. Tomorrow color. Neutral. I watch HGTV too! LOL


Sonnja said...

Hello Katie,

Your first quilt is beautiful


Sonnja said...

Katie, my web-log is:



Beth said...


Man, if that's your FIRST quilt, you are definitely meant for bigger things....it is simply gorgeous!

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog!

Sharon said...

that's a beautiful "first" quilt. Most of them are rail fence patterns and the most god awful looking fabrics. Good job!!