Thursday, June 21, 2007


Chaos reigns but the light is starting to show at the end of the tunnel. The kitchen/family room area is free of boxes! Woooohooooooo! Of course I can hardly walk anywhere else in the house but having one room done shows it's possible.

Today Dad and I went to a really nice Ace Hardware store and I bought paint for the bedroom. Next week's project. Dad had the best time poking around the store while I chose colors and happily announced to everyone within earshot that it was the nicest hardware store he's ever had the pleasure to patronize. That's good, because I'm sure he'll find excuses to go there often. He loves to become a "regular". :)

Curtains came today from JC Penney so I have that to work on. I have window blinds to put up too. I tried to put up a few shelves in the bathroom this morning but made a hash of it so they can wait for the talented hands of The Tramp. It's a short weekend for him coming up but I've created a prioritized list and hope we can get through most of it.

We also need to get a lawn mower and most likely a new washer and dryer....sigh. I left my new state-of-the-art front loaders behind in New Jersey and I'm missing them terribly. Ah well. This washer would be fine...except it doesn't work properly. :( The agitator only half works, and the load I did last night didn't rinse. Ick.

Mom and Dad have moved into a brand new house and Dad was fussing blue murder about the size of the utility closet meant for the washer and dryer. We all thought he was nuts. The machinery is all pretty standard in size and why in the world would the builder build hundreds of houses with utility closets too small? So after his fussing and driving my mother crazy about it for a week they went to Sears and bought a really nice standard washer and dryer. And guess what? They don't fit! I couldn't believe it. You can't close the doors on the closet. Dad was right all along. :)

Besides that problem, every builder puts the washing machine connections on the right and the dryer on the left...and all the manufacturers make the sets to go around the other way. Mom made sure the builder got her opinion on that! So now we're waiting to see how the builder is going to make good. What I can't figure out is, hasn't anybody else in all these new houses ever complained??? They all have washers and dryers. Weird.

Fun, fun, fun!

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